Family Looks Ahead After Losing Son & Home In West Blast

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

WEST (CBSDFW.COM) – Some people in West lost family members the night of April 17, 2013. Some lost their homes and there are others who lost both. One of those families spoke with CBS 11 News about the last year and how they’re rebuilding their lives.

Of all things, a park was one of the things that encouraged the Pustejovsky family not to give up. Their son was trying to repair it, before the blast and their grandson picked up where his dad left off.

Joey Pustejovsky looked like a firefighter and answered every call like a firefighter. He was just not one of those guys who had always wanted to be a firefighter.

(credit: CBSDFW.COM) (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Joey’s mother, Carolyn Pustejovsky, recalled, “He was approached and asked, if he would be on the firefighter… he was right there.” Right there at city hall all day, where Joey Pustejovsky was city secretary.


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