Fire and Rescue NSW – Shame!

The management of Fire and Rescue NSW have advised staff that they cannot use their uniform, spare brigade trucks or any Fire and Rescue NSW clothing if they chose to participate in the annual NSW Firefighters Calender to raise much needed money for the Childrens Burns Unit at Westmead Hospital.

Despite the fact that the money goes to charity management have refused to become involved and will not endorse the calendar. In fact, if the logo or name is seen anywhere firefighters may be subject to disciplinary action. It appears the main reasons are that they have no control over the content of the calendars, the photos generally do not highlight the skills of firefighters and this particular media does not constitute a public safety message. The calendar may also not be suitable for a diverse community such as ours.

Remember, the funds go to help the kids at Westmead Hospital, which would make this a new low for management. Ironically, they are more than happy to allow firefighters to wear full Brigade Uniform and march in the Mardi Gras under the banner of Fire and Rescue NSW. Fire brigade vehicles are also allowed to be used.  We are not suggesting that firefighters should not be allowed to march, there are plenty of reasons why firefighters should be allowed march and it should be done with the full support of management, that is not the issue.

However, the reasons stated for not allowing uniforms to be worn in the photo shoot are the same reasons that would/should apply to the Mardi Gras.

We congratulate all firefighters that will be participating in the calendar, hope you raise thousands for a much needed cause. The community appreciates your effort, even if management do not.








One thought on “Fire and Rescue NSW – Shame!

  1. While I understand the managements concern with control, they have been asked to be part of the process in the past and have refused. The last time the Dept rolled out a calendar it was a typical bureaucratic attempt to not offend anyone and was reflected in their choice of boring, uninspiring photos that tanked commercially and failed financially. It’s simple, give the market what it wants and do some good for charity and if MINORITIES are offended – SUCK IT UP! Seems we can’t do anything without “offending” someone these days. Though it seems acceptable to celebrate “diversity” even if it offends people like me (White, Anglo, Heterosexual, Male)

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