Buffalo FD 1+ Alarm Fatal – 2280 Genesee St

Firefighter Spot

Engine 31 on scene with a 1 story Auto Repair shop heavy fire from #1 side no exposures.
Ladder 14 reports victim down with burns and a rush on EMS.
Heavy fire and Oxy-Acetylene tanks give way to Defensive Operations
4 -2½” Lines in use with 2 Tower Ladders airborne and flowing.
2nd Alarm Cheektowaga Companies were also dispatched for a report of an
house explosion on Barbara st which is 1 street east of East End; this was found to
be the same fire and were put back in service.
ON Scene:
Engines: 31, 33, 23, 22 – Ladders: 14, 7, 6, 15, Rescue 1
Chiefs: B-43, B-41, B-42, B-56, C-1  –   Support Staff: F-20, 9, 11, 75
Damages: $ 325K
3/7/2014 – Time Out: 13:10 hrs

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