What do you know about PTSD?

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PTSD?“Oh don’t mind him, he’s got PTSD”…said one bloke to his mate in the pub. “What’s all that about then?” came the quizzical reply. For a brief moment I was stunned, surely everyone knows what PTSD is these days, or maybe they don’t?

Despite personally possessing a broad overview of the condition, as well as having more than one personal friend who suffers from it, I decided to look into the subject a little deeper.

So what is PTSD or, to give the condition its full name, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? The simple definition describes it as “a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience. It is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.”

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a reaction to exposure to very stressful and traumatising events. People experience flashbacks, panic attacks and other acute symptoms. It can be treated, so it is important to get expert help…(mentalhealth.org.uk)

PTSD in the MilitaryThose…

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