A True Man’s Passing


     Has it really been three years? How time does pass swiftly in retrospect! Rest in peace Mike Urban, you are remembered..

     May we all pause for just a moment today to remember someone who has been called home!



 The ground now holds,

within its embrace,

a man the like,

that legend, has trace.

Husband, companion,

father and friend,

and not, with a whimper,

did he march to the end.


 With, his head held high,

and a glass to his lip,

“a toast” said he,

some Jameson, all sip.

“ I drink to my family,

of which I’ve been blessed.

And I’ll thank God Himself,

as I go to my rest.”


 Jack Downing

Jan. 12, 2011


In Tribute to Mike Urban


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