LISTEN: Kingston firefighters’ radio chatter as helicopter rescue unfolds

The Ottawa Citizen obtained the full audio recordings of firefighters combatting the enormous blaze in Kingston, Ont. that trapped a crane operator for hours above a roaring construction site fire that included explosions from on-site propane tanks.

“This is completely involved. The winds are picking up and we’re going to have several more fires just from radiant heat and fire alone,” one firefighter says into the radio.

Listen to the entire radio conversation right here:

As the danger of the fire becomes clearer, the fire chief got on the radio to see if any more resources were needed.

“This is Chief Robinson…we’ve been receiving local calls of embers on houses in the area. Sounds like you’re going to need more resources down there. Let me know if you do and I’ll get them to you,” he said.

“Chief Robinson, this is command, you call in every available firefighter you can…

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