HOUSE FIRE: Kitten Saved By Rescuers

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Members of a northeastern Iowa family managed to escape the fire that consumed their home.

Several of the family’s pets did not make it out alive but one lucky pet did.

The fire happened just north of Cedar Rapids on Friday.   Two cats and a dog died in the fire.

But firefighters were able to save a nine-week old kitten named Wuzzy.  The kitten was not breathing at first, so a first responder used an oxygen mask to get the kitten breathing again.

“I came around to the front and got my oxygen mask.  I laid the kitty on the ground, filled up my oxygen mask and started letting him breathe the air and petting his little paw to get him to respond to me,” said First Responder Ben Brink.

The family said they hope to be back in the home in the next few months with…

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