NSW Libs upset – firefighters show spirit

It is what it is

Poll stoush sparks bully tactics claim | Illawarra Mercury


Via: http://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/1855481/poll-stoush-sparks-bully-tactics-claim/?cs=300

With bushfires raging through NSW, firefighters usually receive warm welcomes but the Fire Brigade Employees Union said the opposite occurred at the Miranda by-election last Saturday.

FBEU state president Darin Sullivan said members handing out “vote Liberals last” cards at polling booths were harassed by Liberal MP Brad Hazzard and other party members.

Mr Sullivan accused the MP for Wakehurst of “bully tactics”.

“He and other party members were going to each polling booth and taking down the names of every firefighter there,’’ he said.

“They were getting up close and taking photos of our face without permission in order to report names and faces to the minister [of emergency services].

“Mr Hazzard went to every booth to deliberately intimidate every firefighter,” he said.

Some firefighters reported verbal altercations with Liberal party staffers and volunteers at booths.

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