Guess what I did today?

It is what it is

NSW Australia, 19th Oct 2013

Tonight I’m back at my fire station on standby, but guess what I did today?

Together with other NSW firefighters, we surprised the Liberal Government by attending every polling booth at the Miranda by-election to help stop the Libs holding that seat. In doing so, we assisted in one of the biggest swings in a NSW election since WW2. Expected to win, the Lib’s lost, and the Govt is rattled.

Listen loud and clear NSW Premier, this is just the start. Lift the fire budget cuts to RFS and FRNSW by including firefighters as ‘frontline.’ Let us do our job and stop closing fire stations.

The other option is chance your hand at the next election with not one hundred firefighters on booths, but hundreds right across NSW – your call….

Guess which booth I was at……

Liberal Party Result and Change in % Vote by Polling Place

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