Call of duty: WMC paramedic develops protocol for boy with rare disease

The Pulse

Roman LaDuke, 6, thinks it would be pretty nifty to ride up and down the street in an ambulance every day. He someday wants to work at Walmart so all those lined-up people will hand their money to him. Name a sport, and he likes to play it – wrestling, football, basketball, baseball, tennis and swimming.

One problem for this very typical, active boy: Sports could send his body into shock.  Roman, a first grader at University Park Elementary in Casper, has primary adrenal insufficiency, meaning his adrenal glands don’t produce cortisol – a hormone used to deal with stress. Dehydration, injury and other stressors could send him into shock. If that happens, Roman needs an immediate injection of Solu-Cortef.

His parents carry a syringe and a vile of the drug wherever they go. Roman’s school nurse knows how to administer the shot if needed. But, what would…

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