Those with the Life Preservers

Bri's Rockin' Tour

As a community, we held on tight – held onto our belongings, our residences, Boulder, our home, and we held onto each other. As a community, we are picking up the pieces and attempting to rebuild what was once our sanctuary. When disasters like the flood that unsuspectingly hit Boulder, Colorado on September 11, 2013, sticking together is all we, as a community, could do. When 557 residences and 33 businesses are damaged, 5,593 places are evacuated, 345 residences and 3 businesses are destroyed, and 4 lives are claimed by the raging waters, what else can we do?

When a total of 30.14 inches of rain fell onto our beautiful city in the span of a week, and our beloved Boulder Creek reached an alarming speed of 5,000 cubic feet per second, Boulder residents’ lives were turned upside down. But, the civilians weren’t the only ones affected by this national…

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