Fire and Rescue NSW spin

It is what it is

Written by FBEU member – Jeff Sundstrom:


Q: When is a reduction in services “not” a reduction in services?

A: When you believe pure spin….

This is a piece of classic spin and diversion….. all the redevelopments listed in this story were already slated prior to the attack on the Holmesville community.

MORE FIREFIGHTERS? Sorry I’ll just check the maths…… X -12 + 12 – 16 = -16

You see the X is the pre Holmesville transfer staffing in the region and the 12 that went to Holmesville came from other stations, not new positions as I understand [happy to be corrected on that] and when you take 12 and transfer them that is not an increase. So now that we drop Holmesville staffing by 16 and use them to fill vacancies there is no net gain in Fire Fighter staffing, In fact the effect is…

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