Why I avoided patient outcome information at the beginning of my career.

Well worth a read.


Very early on in my EMS career I decided that I would deny myself the joy of knowing I made a positive influence in somebody’s life in exchange for not having to face the fact that sometimes no matter what I do people die. It was a very conscious decision and for years I lived by it.

Let me explain:

There was a very bad shift when I had two emergency calls. The first was a small child, about 6, that was run over by an unknown vehicle. We knew it was a vehicle of some sort because he still had the tire marks on his back. Multiple fractures, tension pneumothorax, mass felt to his abdomen. Patient required RSI and in my opinion he was holding on by a thread. My partner was a big, tall and very tough white boy. Believe me, he was about 6 foot 5, 280…

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