Turn Left 2013

John Howard’s failed WorkChoices plan was just the warm up. Tony Abbott’s WorkChoices (inspired by Gina ‘Less Than $2 A Day’ Rinehart) will turn Australia into a Medieval Fiefdom controlled by a handful of billionaires and their marionettes in parliament doing their bidding.

The media are pushing the idea that the biggest threat to Australian millionaires comes from workers wanting flexible hours, perhaps for caring for elderly or disabled relatives or children, they claim this is in inflexible.

The ALP has plans to make it easier for employees to seek flexible working hours. Flexibility would apply to those workers who are over 55, with school age children, disability or carer duties, victim of domestic violence or new parents. (source: here)

As sure as night follows day, the millionaires and billionaires have launched a campaign to demonise “flexibility”.

Labor’s IR law hurts business ‘battlers’: CEO
Nicola Mills confesses she gets…

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