Garland Firefighters Fighting For Injured Comrade

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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GARLAND (CBSDFW.COM) – His whole life, Devon Colbert, dreamed of being a firefighter.  For seven years, he tried to get hired.  Finally, last year, his dream came true.  He found a job and a home at Garland’s Fire Station #7.  “The guy never stopped working.  He worked from sun up to sundown,” said Jerry Click, a fellow firefighter.

Colleagues say Colbert would show up almost two hours early for a 24 hour shift.  “He’s just so excited to be here and glad to be here every day,” said Brandon Day, a firefighter.

A week before Christmas, though, Colbert was on his way to buy his wife’s present, with his two year old son strapped in a child seat.  A police report says a car struck his SUV at the intersection of Highway 66 and John King Avenue, causing it to roll into a ditch.


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