Firefighters tackle blazes throughout Hurricane Sandy

CiNet - Critical Information Network

With the strength of a Category-1 storm, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey on October 29. It is unlikely that the devastation that accompanied the storm will be forgotten for many years to come, as Sandy is responsible for billions of dollars in damages across the Northeast.

In addition to flattening houses and flooding streets, Sandy’s high winds helped flames spread between homes, leaving once thriving communities resembling warzones. While firefighters along the East Coast were unable to save every home that caught ablaze, their determination and the firefighter training they had received surely played a role in their efforts to fight back flames.

Inferno claims Queens community
As Hurricane Sandy battered New York City, a fire raged in the Queens community of Breezy Point. Despite the best efforts of hundreds of firefighters who took to the flooded streets of Breezy Point, more than 80 homes were lost in…

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