The Greens


Australian Greens leader Christine Milne says the current minority government is the best thing that has happened to Australia.Senator Milne, who last week celebrated her party’s 20th anniversary, said the Greens had helped deliver major reforms since the 2010 federal election, including the carbon tax and the dental care measures announced by the government last week.

The party currently has nine senators and shares the balance of power in the lower house of parliament.“I think power sharing is the best thing that’s happened to Australia,” Senator Milne told ABC Television on Sunday.“When all the parties have got the chance to share the power and negotiate, you can get long-term, system-wide change.”The Greens had achieved that in Tasmania with gay marriage laws, gun law reforms and delivering an apology to the stolen generation, she said.“Now in the federal parliament, we’ve brought in the biggest environmental and economic reform for decades with addressing carbon pricing,” Senator Milne said.“We’ve also just delivered a fantastic outcome for system-wide change on denticare.”

This showed that “when the Greens get the balance of power we use it for the benefit of the community, for the long-term”, she said.


Correct, and this is why the greens will become an ever increasing force in Australian politics.


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