Newman revises down public sector job cuts

From ABC News 28/8/2012

There is some good news for Queensland public servants with Premier Campbell Newman now predicting fewer than 15,000 jobs will be lost. Initially the Premier said Queensland had 20,000 more public servants than it could afford and had been offering voluntary redundancies and not renewing temporary contracts.

Mr Newman now says that figure may have been too high and probably fewer than 15,000 public servants will go. “Look, it will be well under 20,000. I think it’s going to be much lower than 20,000 and probably lower than 15,000,” he said.“But that’s as much as I can give people at the moment.”Mr Newman says the final tally will be revealed by budget day.“We’ve been consistently saying that we’re trying to save jobs and it would have been a lot easier if the unions had sat down and worked with us in a cooperative and productive way rather than pursuing the interests of the Labor Party,” he said.“I think people will see there’s been a lot of scaremongering, sadly, by the union movement.“Sadly those union leaders are also leaders in the Labor Party and their motives are more about the Labor Party than about the workers they represent.”

The union representing state public servants has congratulated the Government for saving the 5,000 jobs. Together Union state secretary Alex Scott says it is an important step forward. “Today is about recognising a significant decision and announcement by this government,” Mr Scott said.“But we’ll continue to campaign for as long as it takes to protect every job that we can, but we do need to recognise when there has been movement from the government.”


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