Not good enough Lance

“I will not fight doping charges”  Lance Armstrong 23/8/2012

Australia’s own John Fahey, chief of the World Anti-Doping Agency, has every right to be upset with the decision by Lance Armstrong not to officially challenge the accusations. For a long period of time Mr Armstrong has accused WADA and other organizations of a vendetta against himself and his cycling skills. Now when evidence is available and on show he backs out.

Armstrong has always maintained his innocence but the boss of WADA said the seven time Tour de France winner’s decision not to challenge the charges could be seen as an admission of guilt. Very hard to argue that point. Armstrong used every resource possible to stop the case from going ahead. Why not go one step further.

Why are so many people willing to back Armstrong even though he has chosen not fight the allegations? Yes he has beaten cancer and yes he has raised over $500M for cancer. Does that allow people to cheat, lie and market themselves as a hero?

Is a full redemption possible? Can all be forgiven? Its not for me to say however one line stands the test of time. The truth shall set you free.


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